• Customer since January 2022

    The RestoreX™ is an unrivaled device in terms of manufacturing quality. Other materials are fragile and break. This product is reliable and very robust.

    Just as important, Restorex customer support is exceptional. I had questions and needed a replacement part. They sent the part quickly; everything went very well.

    Finally, they know their product perfectly and their after-sales service gave me effective advice; This is a service that puts the cost of the device into perspective.

    Don't waste time and money on other options, choose RestoreX™!

  • Customer since May 2021

    RestoreX™ has allowed me to recover over 90% of penis length and I have also noticed that, when used in conjunction with injections, a significant reduction in curvature as well as an improvement in my hourglass penis syndrome.

    I will continue to use RestoreX™ to consolidate healing and prevent any relapse. In hindsight, it is clear that therapy with RestoreX™ is effective and takes much less time than treatments carried out with other devices. I highly recommend this material to people suffering from this debilitating disease. There is hope !

  • Customer since June 2020

    My penile curvature was diagnosed in the middle of 2019. After waiting for the acute inflammatory phase to stabilize with an ascending curve of 45⁰, I made an appointment with a Urologist specializing in Peyronie's disease. During our discussion about treatment options, I asked if it was possible to manage the therapy myself. I was provided with information and a link to the RestoreX™ Traction Device. I found out about the equipment and then bought the device.

    My treatment began in June 2020. Over the following months, I followed the manufacturer's and my doctor's instructions regarding the use of the equipment. After 5 months of treatment, the results were astonishing! The curve had been reduced by almost 50%! I only had 20-25⁰ of curve left and I had also regained some length.

    I know today that, without RestoreX™, these results would not have been possible! I continue to use it today and flatten the curve!

  • Customer since November 2020

    I am very satisfied with the results obtained with the RestoreX™ traction material. My Urologist recommended that I buy one and start using it daily. I noticed a substantial improvement in the curvature of my penis which went from around 40 to 10 degrees in three and a half months of use. I also noticed an increase of 1.9cm in the length of my penis. My Urologist informed me that she now encourages all her patients to use RestoreX™ as a treatment for Peyronie's disease. This is a very reliable and comfortable to use device hardware. I highly recommend it to everyone.

  • Customer since January 2020

    This month marks 1 year since I received the RestoreX™. The curvature of my penis decreased and I also noticed that it was a little longer.

    I am very attached to the solidity of the materials and their durability. I don't know who designed this device, but it is very well thought out; from the locking of the clamp which is on the user's side so that they do not accidentally unlock it, to the quality of the box it is packaged in.

    The after-sales service has always been very attentive to me and even sent me a box to return it to the factory after I broke a rotating part. Thank you PathRight Support Team, you are very professional!

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